What to Expect

When you visit us at Seva Pain and Wellness, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment, where we will ask you questions about your general medical history as well as your pain. We will also do a physical examination, review your imaging, relevant lab results and any other necessary studies.

Based on your history and examination, a working list of potential diagnoses is made. Spinal injections that are typically used to treat pain are also valuable ways to more accurately diagnose the source of pain.

If an injection is recommended, a physician will perform this injection under precise x-ray guidance and dispense local anesthetic (numbing medication) in and/or around the suspected pain source. If the numbing medication significantly improves your pain, the injection is not only therapeutic, it is also diagnostic and helps further narrow down a more precise diagnosis.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, you may be a candidate for precise image-guided therapeutic injections to relieve your pain. Therapeutic injections contain a corticosteroid, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication that can help provide longer term pain relief.

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