Dallas Pain and Wellness offers our patients a comprehensive approach to the treatment of pain. After years of opiate use, many patients could become unintentionally dependent to the very medication that helps them function. This is a very complex scenario and patients need great care in navigating themselves back to health and safety. At Seva Pain and Wellness, our patients will have access to a board certified Addictionologist without judgement or stigma. Patients will benefit from a variety of therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, medication and counseling, which includes, Substance Abuse Assessments – A full Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessments are initially provided for our patients to determine the presence of alcohol or drug dependence and the level of intervention needed. A detailed report is created to help in your care. Individual Counseling – We offer our patients 1 on 1 sessions in a safe, comfortable, confidential and non-judgmental environment to help you regain control in a variety of areas of life, including substance abuse, physical, emotional and mental health, work, family and social issues. Each individual session is tailored to meet the needs of our patient and is accompanied by a comprehensive plan to guide treatment. Group Counseling – Group therapy can often be a very powerful and effective way for patients to identify and overcome triggers ad meet the daily challenges to transform addictive behaviors and turn them into healthy, productive ones. If you or someone you know could use our help today, give us a call at 214-306-4116.

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