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Welcome to Seva Pain and Wellness!

Here at Seva Pain and Wellness, we are in tune with how difficult life can be with chronic pain. With this in mind, it is our mission to provide safe and effective pain relief to help our patients return to an active and healthy life- one in which you are healthy AND happy. At Seva Pain and Wellness, we do not believe that there is only one cookie-cutter solution to help heal all patients in pain. Instead, we spend time getting to know our patients and treat each and every patient individually so we can customize a treatment plan specific to their personal needs. Seva Pain and Wellness is a state of the art medical practice with highly trained physician leaders dedicated to providing our patients a safe, effective and comprehensive approach to acute and chronic pain management. We are a complete pain management service for our patients, tailoring the treatment plan specifically to our patient’s needs and staying intently involved in all of our patients’ care. At Seva Pain and Wellness, we offer safe pharmaceutical therapy, cutting edge injection based therapy and minimally invasive surgery. If you are in the care of others, we also offer guidance for chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, massage therapy, and psychological counseling. Seva Pain and Wellness is completely committed to the mission of reducing prescription drug abuse to keep our patients and our community safe. The opioid crisis is a national epidemic that requires licensed, credible physician leadership at a facility that upholds the highest standards in preventing drug diversion and abuse. Seva Pain and Wellness is a clean, modern, smart, environmentally friendly facility designed with our patients’ care and experience in mind. We have designed our practice and our facility to give you the most attentive and comfortable experience we can. Seva Pain and Wellness Center is dedicated to a holistic approach to pain management. The medical director brings years of experience from Boston, New York and Tulsa to our new practice in the Dallas area. Our clinical and administrative staff are led by a board certified physician and dedicated to your care.

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