Dallas Pain Management | causes of substance abuse

Seva Pain and Wellness helps provide a Dallas pain management for patients to come and have their pain taken away or better managed. We will help you if you are dealing with back pain, joint pain, or even have any stiffness or pain in a sacroiliac joint. We also help patients get over their opioid addiction or help to manage their substance abuse.

Maybe you are like many of the other people around that have run into an issue with substance abuse. It is quite possible that while recovering from a serious injury or dealing with an extreme amount of pain that you are prescribed opioid pain medications to help manage that by doctor. Our staff understand that it can become quite addictive to be hooked on opioids and that it is hard to find relief from the dependency. However our staff and our physicians have developed ways to assess your level of dependency and will provide you with group/individual counseling at our Dallas pain management center.

Joint pain and back pain is among the worst to have to experience and you have to manage for extended periods of time. However Dr. Amit Mirchandani and our team of physicians are able to use evaluation and assessment to develop the best treatment options for our patients. This may be a simple management treatment or it could possibly require rehab, therapy, or even surgery. At our Dallas pain management center we do also offer treatments for substance abuse as well as helping with sacroiliac joint. We want to help provide you with flexibility/stability and pain relief.

All of us think of pain in a different way, and this is because our brain functions differently and understands information differently. Pain for one person may be more manageable than pain for another person and the differing levels may feel more serious for one than the other. This is why our staff and doctors do a thorough assessment and evaluation to determine what it is that is causing the pain, how serious the pain is, and what the best plan of treatment would be. We want to ensure that our patients understand that their individual pain needs are being taken care of in the best way.

Have you been dealing with serious pain for a long time? Do you have issues with opioid addiction or with substance abuse? Seva Pain and Wellness wants to help provide you with a place of relief from any sort of pain that you may be feeling. Check out our website at seva.doctor for any more information about the services that we offer in the treatments that are available to you, or give us a call at (214) 306-4116 to set up an appointment with one of our physicians today.

Dallas Pain Management | sacroiliac joint pain

Are you looking for a Dallas pain management center to help you with the management or relief of any backwards way pain that you may be experiencing? Do you possibly have a substance abuse issue or have trouble with opioid addiction? Allow Seva Pain and Wellness to provide you with solutions and answers to any questions or concerns that you may have regards to joint back pain as well as substance-abuse. Even if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain with sacroiliac joints, we will provide you with a solution or treatment plan that will best work for you.

Sacroiliac joints are the foundation of the spine, which are located at the junction of the sacrum and the ilium. The reason why you or one of our patients may be experiencing pain or instability is because the a possible prior injury or arthritis, lower back instability or a surgery that did not go well, or if you are a woman, ligaments may have become loose from pregnancy. Regardless of because of the pain, Seva Pain and Wellness wants to offer you relief to your pain or treatments at our Dallas pain management center.

Our physicians and doctors will also help you with Dallas pain management to provide answers and treatments with any back pain, joint pain, for substance abuse. For any pain that you may be experiencing our staff walks our patients through a complete evaluation to determine what the best treatment plan will be. Possibly either rehab, therapy, or even surgery may be the answer. Also available to any patient that may need it, is group or individual counseling for substance abuse or opioid addiction/dependency.

As you can tell our doctors and our staff go the extra mile to make sure to address any concern or issue that our patients may have. We understand how difficult living with pain is in how every person wants to be able to live pain free or had the best treatment in managing their pain. This is why we will offer exceptional service and take the time to understand what condition or concerns you may have that we can develop a plan of treatment that best accommodates you and your needs.

We encourage you to check our website for a more extensive breakdown of all the services that we provide to help manage pain at seva.doctor. Or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives to set up an appointment and schedule an evaluation, give us a call at (214) 306-4116 and we will be more than happy to tell you how we can best serve you.