Dallas Pain Management | injuries that are treatable

At Seva Pain and Wellness, you’ll find nations leading doctors whenever it comes to Dallas pain management. Our team of doctors and physicians are working together to deliver the safest, most current, and effective care for our patients. We want to ensure that you receive the best treatment in dealing with any back pain, joint pain, or substance abuse/dependency that you may be experiencing. Whether you got this pain from an old injury or is from a genetic defect, we will be able to provide you with a solution and answer to your problems.

Dr. Amit Mirchandani and our staff will help to provide Dallas pain management for if you are dealing with herniated discs, compression fractures, or even degenerative disc disease. We know can be quite painful for you to slip a disk or have a pinched nerve in your spine. We also understand that osteoporosis can take effect on your spine and in the making your disk weaker or less dense as well as degenerative disc disease which drains the fluid from our spinal cord and around our vertebrae. All three these cause serious pain no matter how tough you may think you are or what age she may be at, and we want to help provide relief for these problems.

Our amazing staff and excellent doctors not only help provide Dallas pain management for injuries or diseases will also help provide treatment for patients substance abuse, back pain, or even sacroiliac joint pain and discomfort. We do a full screening of our patients to ensure that we are being is precise and accurate about finding the cause of the pain or issue whenever we determine a treatment option. Nobody wants to be misdiagnosed about what is going on within their body, nor do they want a treatment option that isn’t going to work and provide relief for their pain.

With all the extra effort and time that we take to get to know our patients thoroughly, Seva Pain and Wellness is able to develop personalized plans to fit each patient’s specific needs and exact concern. It’s great to have a customized plan to fit your unique problems because not everybody experiences pain the same way, nor does one plan of treatment work for everybody. The level of pain one person may experience or the way they handle it could be completely different from the next person.

Seva Pain and Wellness wants to help provide you with the best plan of treatment to help you manage or relieve your pain. Regardless of where the pain originated from or what happened to you to cause the pain, we want to provide you with the best doctors to take care of your needs. Give us a call at (214) 306-4116 check our website at seva.doctor to have any of your concerns addressed or to set up an appointment with one of our physicians today.

Dallas Pain Management | hereditary conditions versus injury

Maybe you are one of many people who are born with a genetic deficiency that caused your back to have some sort of condition or disease, or you’re one of very many people who experience ongoing or constant pain as a result of an injury. Seva Pain and Wellness wants to help you with Dallas pain management to it a better hold on your pain or to even better relieve it. Whether you may be having back pain, joint pain, sacroiliac joint, or even be dealing with substance abuse and opioid dependency. We will provide the best service to help come up with a solution and assist you with your pain.

There are a variety of hereditary conditions in genetic diseases that may cause you to have degeneration or breakdown in your back or joints. This could possibly be from osteoporosis, arthritis, or some other form of genetic. However regardless of what may happen Dr. Amit Mirchandani in our complete staff of physicians will help provide effective solutions and treatments to help provide Dallas pain management. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find answers and receiving the best service to help deal with pain either from condition or from an injury that you may have received from work, a sport, or an accident.

Most of the services at Seva Pain and Wellness are geared toward helping patients with Dallas pain management for back pain and joint pain. However that is not the complete list of treatment options that we offer to our patients. As well as doing a full evaluation to determine the best treatment for back and joint pain including rehab, therapy, and surgery we also offer assessments for treating patients who deal with substance abuse. To those individuals we offer individual counseling and also group counseling to help them fill comfortable and open about treatment plans.

Our staff and our doctors understand how important it is for you to have a plan of treatment that fits your specific needs. Which is why we go through extensive links to ensure that we are getting an accurate cause of the pain so that the treatment that we prescribe to you is effective and efficient. You find that the experience is unique and custom to each individual patient that we received.

If you are tired of the constant, excruciating pain, then we advise that you come check us out as Seva Pain and Wellness or at least give our website at seva.doctor a look over that you understand the services that we can offer to you. We want to help you fill happy and joyful about your life, so give us a call at (214) 306-4116 to schedule appointment so that we may be up to help take away your pain.