Dallas Pain Management | procedures and surgeries for back pain

Are you ready to find Dallas pain management in a treatment option that is going to help you pacifically and take care of any of your needs and concerns? Are you tired of dealing with back pain and joint pain wish that you no longer had to take medications or have surgeries? Let the amazing doctors and physicians at Seva Pain and Wellness help to come up with new treatment options to help you manage and relieve your pain. We understand that regardless of how the pain came about, that pain is pain and everyone once relief.

At our Dallas pain management we offer Friday of services to help patients with their back pain. These include but are not limited to: epidural injections, faucet injections, lumbar sympathetic block, occipital nerve block, and even high-frequency spinal cord stimulation therapy. These are among you of the various methods of treatment that we offer to help manage and relief pain in the backs of our patients. But many others are available and many more constantly being developed with new and more modern research being done.

Seva Pain and Wellness wants to help you whether you are dealing with substance abuse and opioid dependency/addiction, back pain, sacroiliac joint issues, or joint pain. It is hard to constantly live with pain regardless of what level of intensity it is for how serious it may fill to us, which is why the doctors at Seva Pain and Wellness and our team of physicians want to help provide effective treatment and managing and relieving your pain. Dr. Amit Mirchandani and his team assure that each patient that comes by will receive the most exceptional and the best Dallas pain management treatment available.

Our full staff understands that pain is a subjective concept, meaning that each person feels it at different levels of intensities. Therefore the plans that are developed for patients in managing and handling pain must be customized to fit their exact specific needs. Our physicians make sure to be as thorough and accurate in determining the cause when developing the personalized plan to relieve our patient’s pain.

Come check out save the and see why we are considered home of some of the nations leading board-certified physicians and pain management. We want to help provide the most effective and efficient treatment and handling your pain, so give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our physicians at (214) 306-4116. Check out our website at seva.doctor to get further understanding about our treatment methods and to read some of the testimonies left by previous patients.

Dallas Pain Management | can back/joint pain the self diagnosed?

Have you ever or do you constantly experience back or joint pain in your daily life? Are you looking for a better method of treatment than the one previously prescribed to you by another physician or doctor? Seva Pain and Wellness will help provide you with Dallas pain management is going to be the best plan of treatment and relieving and managing your pain. Does not matter whether it’s back pain, joint pain, or an issue with substance abuse, we will provide you with solutions and answers to any concerns or questions that you may have.

Many people think that the pain that they experience is just from an injury that they may have received or from an accident that they are involved in, but that is always the case. We do not encourage our patients to develop their own self-diagnosis whenever it comes to pain because it could be something that’s more serious than what they understand. Sure it could have been from an injury or an accident, or it could be the result of a genetic condition that they have, something that is hereditary and was passed down through the family. However our team of doctors will be sure to come up with an accurate cause and determine the best plan of treatment.

Seva Pain and Wellness offers Dallas pain management to all of our patients. Whether you are experiencing back pain, joint pain, instability and pain from sacroiliac joints, or have been having an issue with substance abuse and/or opioid dependency. Dr. Amit Mirchandani and his team walk our patients through extensive screening assuring that they get the most accurate and precise evaluation. With this great knowledge, our doctors able to come up with the best pain treatment and management programs for our patients. Your pain may require surgery or it may require rehab or in simply may require physical therapy.

Regardless of what the cause your pain is or what the doctors discover is the best treatment for you, the Dallas pain management that you get from our staff of physicians is going to be completely personalized to fit your needs and your concerns. The reason why we do such a thorough and leave the evaluation/assessment is to assure that the treatment that we develop for each patient is going to be customized to help them manage their individual pain. Each person is unique in the way that they feel and adapt to change is gonna be unique, so will their necessary treatment.

We guarantee that you receive the best pain management treatment at Seva Pain and Wellness possible. Considering we are regarded as home of some of the nations best position and pain management, we incurs that if you have any pain whatsoever you stop by and see us or at least check our website at seva.doctor. If you are ready and have determined that you wish to seek out a better way to manage and relieve your pain, give us a call at (214) 306-4116 and one of our physicians will be happy to provide you with amazing service.