Best Pain Management | genetic conditions causing pain

Seva Pain and Wellness is an amazing place for you if you are looking to experience the best pain management. Our various positions and Dr. Amit Mirchandani will help to combat whether you are dealing with substance abuse or opioid dependency/addiction, back pain, joint pain, or sacroiliac joint issues. We will offer you various options and the best treatment available to help you find pain relief. No longer you have to worry about following a treatment plan that is an effective or having to live with pain for the rest your life.

Many people have genetic conditions that cause them to feel pain in their joints or in their back. This may be because of degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or osteoporosis. In either one of these cases, the patient may experience great pain and not quite understand what is going on with their body until they visit a physician. Seva Pain and Wellness wants to make it known that you will find the best pain management here that our doctors will be sure to find out exactly what is going on what is causing the pain.

All of our patients are walked through a full and extensive evaluation by our physicians and our staff to be sure that we are getting an accurate and precise understanding of what is causing the pain. With the information that we find, we are able to provide patients with the best pain management and a treatment option that is going to fit them best. Does not matter whether it is back pain, joint pain, substance abuse, or even securely I joint issues, we will have a solution for you. Will use modern research team come up with if rehab, therapy, or surgery is going to be the best answer in handling your pain.

Dr. Amit Mirchandani understands that it is very important that you are understood on an individual level and that you are giving a treatment plan that fits you. The exact way that you handle or feel pain may not be the same as any other patient and therefore, you must have a plan of treatment that fits and is customized just for you. This is the main reason of the full assessment that each of our patients undergo. That we are able to personalize and create a pain management plan that addresses their exact concerns and pain needs to provide them with the most effective method of delivering relief.

At Seva Pain and Wellness, you will find that we are dedicated to offer you the most exceptional service and best treatment available. If you have any further questions or would like to just gather more information about the services that we provide, give us a call as (214) 306-4116. Check our website at seva.doctor to also see the many reviews and testimonies left by previous patients of ours.

Best Pain Management | check on patients after treatment

Seva Pain and Wellness is home of many great physicians and are constantly working together to provide our patients with the newest, most effective treatments to deliver the best pain management. Our doctors will provide you with various ways to find relief from any back pain, joint pain, substance abuse or opioid addiction/dependency, or even from sacroiliac joints. You will notice, as many of our patients have, but we offer the most exceptional service and deliver the best treatment options available.

One thing that Seva Pain and Wellness is big on, is our compassionate care which means that we will continue to check on our patients not only during their treatment process, but before and after they have completed treatment. So not only will you know that you are getting the best pain management, but that our physicians and doctors truly care about you. For them to take the extra time to check in on you and to make sure that you are still doing well and that you’re finding relief is extraordinary.

So whether you have back her joint pain, had issues with instability and pain in sacroiliac joints, or having a hard time breaking your issues with substance abuse, you will find that our staff is fully capable of providing you with the best pain management as well as other solutions. For those who are dealing with substance abuse, our doctors put you through a full screening to determine what level of intervention may be necessary. Dr. Amit Mirchandani in our physicians will also help if you are struggling with pain, by walking you through a full and extensive evaluation in determining if your best option is rehab, therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, or possibly surgery.

The amazing service offered as Seva Pain and Wellness will not go unnoticed by you or any of our other patients. We are dedicated to helping provide you with a customize a unique experience by developing treatment plans that work specifically for you. The result of our pool and extensive evaluations of our patients is to provide them with the best and most personalize pain relief and pain management plan possible. We understand that you are a unique individual and therefore you must be accommodated to match.

Visit our website at seva.doctor to get a deeper understanding of all the services that we have available to our patients. Or if you’re ready to commit to finding the best pain relief possible, give us a call at (214) 306-4116. Our physicians and staff are eager to help you come up with solutions and treatment options to manage and handle your pain best.